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My print of the morning light at Isleworth graveyard was part of the Discovering Samuel Palmer an exhibition of his etching  at Eames Fine Art Gallery which opened on the 12th January and ran until the 29th January.  If you are interested in finding out more about the exhibition and get a catalogue of the Salmuel Palmer prints with the artists work which were inspired by them please Eames on their website www.eamesfineart.com There is a further Inspired by theme exhibition which opens on the 29th March where gallery artists as well as prints by Picasso, Durer, Matisse etc are paired with writers who are given a print and asked to write about it. The exhibition will feature the print along with their written texts on how they were inspired by the work.

My print Nicís NY version 2 was in the Masters 2016 Print exhibition at the Bankside Gallery.  While my print Beijing Hutong 3 was in the 2016 National Print Open at the Bankside Gallery.

 My print Beijing Hutong 6 sold out at the 2016 RA summer exhibition which also won the London Institute Fund award to students established to promote excellence in the Arts. My print North Pembrokeshire headland was also chosen for the 2016 Royal Marine Artists annual exhibition. 

My prints Hutong 1 and 5 were shown at the 2016 New English Art Club (NEAC) at the Mall gallery.

I am still showing at the Geedon Gallery Jaggers, Fingringhoe , Colchester their website is at www.geedongallery.co.uk

My contact details remain Lund2441@yahoo.co.uk and I still can be found on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram under Lund57.

Morning Light Isleworth graveyard limited edition of 20 etchings

Beijing Hutong 6 limited edition of 20 prints

Nicís NY Version 2 etching limited edition of 25

Beijing Hutong 3 limited edition of 20 prints

Beijing Hutong 1 limited edition etching of 20

Beijing Hutong 2 etching limited edition of 20

St Pauls and Shard August 2012 etching with acquatint limited edition of 20

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